Royal Blue Sweater

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Royal Blue Sweater

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Hello everyone,

I was in the kitchen area of an office setting. Sharon, the HR Director from my last job was talking to me. She had a royal blue sweater on. There were other people mingling around the kitchen getting coffee. She was saying how I need to get this book. I told her I already got it. The book is called Writing better lyrics. It's a book for songwriters. She was surprised I had the book and said, you got it already? I was like yup!

Then Sharon covers her entire face with the sweater. She is talking to me and I’m like what are you saying? It was a bit comical. She removed the sweater from her face and began to ridiculously move her mouth around and around alluding to the fact that I didn’t have a mask on. She felt bad about having to point that out to me. When I looked around nobody else had a mask on, not even her. In my mind, I'm thinking why am I the only one you are telling to put a mask on? I said ok and walked out of the kitchen. I had a white sweater on. I wanted to share with someone what Sharon did with her sweater because I thought it was funny.

Your thoughts are appreciated.