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Hi All,

I dreamt I was by the water/sea but I didn't get in I think my cousin did. There was some changes to it like something being built beneath it like a stack of blocks. I left the area, find myself driving to where I used to live,(left there over 20 years ago). At the house my cousin was with me but she was in bathroom while I was waking down the passage leading to the dining area. The Closer to the chair, parts of the walls was protruding out. The walls were white as they were irl but small pieces like old English blocks were protriding. Then I went to the kitchen. The stove was where the sink was irl. And it was open. The oven seem to be on with the empty baking tins in it (they are normally stored in there irl). Realizing in the the dream some being was in the I began levitating in the kitchen. Didn't feel like I was thrown anywhere but definitely moving about in the kitchen.
The body of water I mentioned is a place I have dreamt of before a couple of times but it's no where I can think of irl.

I don't enjoy levitation dreams, they throw me off in my own interpretation. Please help.

Thanks and God Bless.
Jesus Loves You.
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Re: Levitating

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Shalom rjoy and welcome to the board! In regards to levitating, I'm guessing you mean like floating up into air as if you were going to fly away? I've had dreams where after encountering and dealing with demonic resistance, I would lift up off the ground (ie. levitating) as if to fly away or leave.

Did He give you insight on the other parts of your dream? Addressing that portion hoping it will help you to hear whatever else He has to say. May He give you understanding as you seek Him.
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Re: Levitating

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Praise Jesus!
Something was being built under the water like a stack of blocks. This to me speaks of foundation. The walls in the house were protruding , you mentioned like Old English blocks. ( Walls are also the foundation).
Protruding meaning something in the foundation you just can't ignore, it stands out. Foundation speaks of the teaching or beliefs systems of a church or even the world, what it is built upon.

I mentioned the world because the sea or large bodies of water can represent the world ( Peoples) in a dream as well as in scripture. If in this dream the water represents the world, you did not get in, but rather went back to where you use to live, perhaps a church or a foundational belief.

However once there you were trying to make your way to the kitchen to eat, ( bread of heaven) (word of God), but the closer you got to actually sitting down (taking a position) there was something about the foundational beliefs which you could not ignore.
They seemed old, perhaps antiquated ( the old english blocks).

Blocks in this instance may have a double meaning, such as, it is a stopping point for you, something you can not get past. It's blocking you.

You said : "The walls were white as they were irl but SMALL PIECES like old English blocks were protruding."

The fact that in your dreams the walls were white means you feel the intentions are pure, maybe even righteous in whatever place this is, But there are some small peices, small things that you are not sure about, they bother you, (Protrude) block you, along with the things which had changed such as the stove being moved and being heated , and there being no food in the vessels.
I am not sure about the "being" in the kitchen. levitation is to defy gravity. It could simply mean you refuse to be rooted grounded in something.
Much love in Jesus
Jesus Is Lord!