Misty drive from the carpark to the country

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Misty drive from the carpark to the country

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I dreamt I was in a supermarket carpark. Outside it was very misty/foggy outside. I was in my car and my dad was in the shop - I was waiting for him to finish. He got into another car and I was communicating with him via phone.

We had parked in a long line of cars in a carkpark - I was at an angle where I could see the exit road out, he could not see the road so I signalled to him to follow me out (he could see where my car was).

Next scene: my car window was down and it was still very foggy but I was now in the countryside. I looked out and saw a stately large house in Bristol ( the place where I was born). I heard my dad saying if you want we can stay here.

Next as I continued driving, I saw a very tall building which looked like a multi storey stately mansion. Outside and at the top of the building I saw in big letters 'Renting' (orginally I thought it saw Reading, the place) and just underneath it said the word 'rerelate'. As I drove past the building I had a very bad feeling about the place.