little girls eyes

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little girls eyes

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I am walking to the park with my daughters, they are little. I see a little girl leaving her house, her name begins with an A, no one comes with her so I watch to be sure she is safe.

We all end up in a little playhouse together, she is not afraid of me - (IRL I've seen her before, but we have never met) she begins to sing with this amazing almost adult like voice. i don't recall what she is singing, but just that I am blown away by how beautiful her voice is.

I say but you're only going to be 4 right? I keep looking at her eyes - I am thinking do you look like your father or not? Her eyes keep changing, and I cannot seem to decide if she belongs to her father or not.

No one comes for her so I bring her home. As I drop her off she tells me what a "pit" her house is - a real dump, I tell her not to talk that way.

I finally leave her in the kitchen with her father - he is just standing there watching me leave.

That's it - not much too it, but the singing and little girls eyes seem to be very significant, although I've got nothing...

Thanks for any spirit led thoughts! Blessings.