The Hand Of God at work

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The Hand Of God at work

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God gave me this dream,I dreamed that a basketball player asked me to help at the Shelter house. I opened the door and I literally saw the hand of God at work.

Dream 6-5-11
I dreamed that we were at a great big building. There were a bunch of people there, mainly from our church. I was giving a speech, (Preaching) we were then marching around the inside of this great big building. I remember that the Spirit of God was falling as we were marching. Terry picked up his guitar and went out in the middle and started singing a song. After he was done singing Ron Fitz stood up and started to talk about how this place was called the shelter-house. Peggy stood and said yes, “God said this is to be called the shelter-house.” Terry made the comment “the Shelter-house protection from the storm, a place where dreams really do come true.” I woke up.

Ron does not go to our church but on the morning i preached the Shelter house he was. We ended up changing the name of our church to the Shelter House Assembly of God. .” Terry made the comment “the Shelter-house protection from the storm, a place where dreams really do come true.” I think all these dreams are tying together.

I dreamed that Jesus was in the church and He was smiling. I noticed that people were running to catch Him. I said to catch Him and not let go. Jesus was still smiling. He ran through the back with the church still following him. Jesus was then coming back up the hall with the people still chasing, (following) Jesus was still smiling. He then was running around the corner towards me with a big smile on His face as the people were running after Him. He then vanished smiling.

Dream 12-22-11
I dreamed that we were at the church and it was raining outside. We were in the sanctuary and I noticed that the roof had sprung a leek and water was gushing in.
Scene change
We then got the ladder to look at the roof. I was nervous about climbing up, but we did. We noticed shingles that were hooved up and needed replaced. I looked over and on the roof was a hidden shelter. It had a love seat and a chair with a rug lying in front of them. Bob Fortney said to me that it had been there since 1964 when they built the church.

I believe all these dreams are tied together.

I dreamed that something looked dead but I knew it was still alive. Someone wanted to put the subject to rest, but I knew there was still hope. I knew that what looked dead was a miracle that was about to happen. I saw the miracle literally come to life. I literally saw the power of God move upon that which seemed to be dead and brought it to life.

The Miracle is what is going on at our church.

That is what has happened here.
In 2008 God was showing me that there was going to be life in the valley one more time.
People have wanted to give up on this church for years.
God was showing me what was going to be.
The miracle is alive!