The two sections of the same street

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The two sections of the same street

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In this dream I was on one side of a neighborhood. I was in the house with my mom(my mom passed away reently). I woke up, dressed up and went to see my brother-in-law (he is married to my wife's younger sister) on the other side of the neighborhood.
I went to see him because someone was trying to accuse him of raping a girl. I was surprised and determined to get to the bottom of it.
He came out (there were several men in his house). He said they did not sleep because there was no power in their house and it was hot. I was surprised and told him that we had power and slept very well.
I had to leave, and as I was leaving, a dog ran out of their house to follow me. I looked at the dog and sent it right back to where she came from.
The end.
I will appreciate any insight. Thanks.
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Is there an area of discord that you have been seeing someone else experiencing? I am not sure what your BIL may symbolize to you, but whatever or whomever he represents, he is in the "dark" or operating in the world vs that of the Spirit. Whereas you are operating in the Spirit and you are able to live in comfort. The dog speaks to me as something of evil intentions trying to follow you. However, by sending it back, it is like you are rebuking this spirit. Toss out if miss the mark. This is simply some thoughts and not an interpretation. God bless!!!