Angel crashes to earth...

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Angel crashes to earth...

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I was playing in a baseball game about to come up to bat when I began getting heckled by the coach I played for in high school... IRL I wear an ankle guard on my left foot because I fractured the ankle some time ago and in the dream it was taking me an exceptionally long time to put on this guard... while up at bat this coach was saying I was wasting time and that I just wore it to look cool (something along those lines)... I finally got the guard on and stepped up to the plate yet he continued to loudly heckle me... I kept stepping out of the batter's box to tell him to stop because I couldn't focus on trying to hit... 2 pitches went by for strikes and I stepped out of the box again... now in the distance in the sky there appeared a huge fireball like the sun had just exploded... the catcher from the other team says he thinks this is a good sign that the end is near... however as I watch the fireball grow closer it begins to appear as though it has wings above it... and as it draws nearer still it appears to have a shape inside of it that looked human-like... then suddenly I realize it is an angel as it slams into the ground like a meteor on the baseball field... everyone fell on their faces... it was like someone was holding a super-heated furnace to my back as he faced me and I could not move... he then showed me why the coach was feeling the way he was (that I had a lot of talent but was lazy in high school and really didn't care - - which is true) and showed the coach that I was different now and what was before is no longer... it was like the coach and I were having a conversation outside of our bodies... then as the angel turned away to depart he stated "It is 'forking' hot" referring to what I inferred to be the situation in Israel right now or possibly the end days... as he flew away almost all were still on their faces but I turned and saw a sign in the ground in front of home plate that said game 6 had been postponed... I also remember the significance of the numbers 2 and 4 somewhere...that the numbers meant something...

it was pretty intense...

Thanks for anything you get... and happy new year!
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Post by WaitingforHim »

What a cool dream!
I will be in agreement with you for the full revelation to come..
But the ankles made me think of the faith of the saints..and how the enemy is going to be right here in the end times trying to tear down our faith so its going to be so vital for us as a body to remember to shod our feet with the gospel...

I felt that the this dream was a divine encounter for you..and that you were to share it with others. Seeing that the Lord will be sending His messengers of fire to the earth in these last days to destroy the powers of the enemy and the lies that He is speaking..

Again, I am praying for the fullness for you.
Love you
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Post by mattzepol »

yes the enemy will defeintly attack our faith as he has been with me, I have ben overcome with so much fear as what is going on in America and around the world, also the fire ball you saw in your dream reminds me of the Fireball that the people in Texas just saw last week look it up on line and you can see footage, they now say they think it was a metor hummm?