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Hi my precious friends,

I had a dream this morning that I felt needed confirmation. I meet a guy recently I am interested in and he is interested in me. We are suppose to get together for our fist date today. I had asked the Lord to reveal his heart about this man and if he wanted to speak to me about him or myself then I had this dream this morning. My desire is to stay in the spirit and in his will. So please pray into it as I share it with you and any insight would be great!


I was living in this new spacious house. I had a huge kitchen and living room with beautiful Cedar wooden floors. I had all these wide windows all around the house, so that the sunlight could shine into the house. This guy I am starting to date comes over and he spends the night and nothing sexual happened it was innocent. The next morning when we woke up we kissed each other I felt comfortable and safe with him. I was going to get out of bed and go make breakfast for us. He went to get up first and he kissed me again as he got up, then when he got up he went into the kitchen for something and I could hear him sweeping my floor.He comes back into the bedroom and I ask him what was he doing he said there was dirt on my kitchen floor. I am thinking how could that be I sweep it up daily.He climbs back in bed and we start to really kiss and my night top starts to slide down a little bit but he refrains himself from going any further and I am trying to pull my top up as to not entice him. He honored and respected me and did not allow himself to take advantage. As we are kissing and I get ready to get up to go make breakfast he touches and sees the scare on my neck from neck surgery I had IRL,and I am afraid it makes me look ugly, then I walk into the kitchen and I notice that the floor is still party dirty and that he did not sweep the whole thing so then I begin to sweep it up.

Blessings and thanks for reading this dream.