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new born

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I was at my old house that I moved from about 5yrs. ago.
It seemed that we were living there but it was strange because it also seemed that the house was divided into three parts. And three different people or families were living in the parts. Like three houses in one or three apartments in one house. One family was mine. One family was one of the worship leaders at my church. And the other family was one of the worship dance leaders at our church.

I remember thinking we might have to share the kitchen or that we may have to walk through certain areas of each others living space to get to ours..??

I remember then leaving with the dance worship leader in her car somewhere. It seemed her family was in the car and she was driving. I was in the front passenger seat. I had just had the a baby girl and she was laying on my lap in the car. I was worried after we got started because there wasn't a car seat for the baby. I asked her if she had one in the car and she didn't. I was really worried about having the baby in a car seat.

We stopped at a minimart/gas station. I remember someone offering me one there but it was a blow up seat. And it didn't look like something you would put a baby in. So I decided not to use that. I was second guessing whether or not to go with her.

She then made a comment about how precious my baby was and I said "I know! I really thought we would have a boy this time but once again we had a little girl! That makes 4! She laughed.

I then realized that I didn't have a bottle either. I knew the baby was going to get hungry and I didn't have a bottle for it and I didn't have a change of clothes I really was thinking I just needed to go back?

Any thoughts.

The lady's name is spanish. Its Gisela I believe that is how you spell it. The only thing close I came up with was Gizelle and that means "pledge".
Isaiah 40:31
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