Moses Visitation in my Dream

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Moses Visitation in my Dream

Post by god_chick3 »

I dreamt that Moses came to visit me like a messenger...I asked him quickly if I could ask him a question and he said yes and I asked him if he would be one of the two witnesses during the tribulation and he said that God hadnt revealed that to him yet....and he said that I was suppose to go to Massachusetts to tell a minister to hold fast and be strong and it was these ministers I knew from childhood that were pretty old then (I tried to google them today but nothing came up so they may be already in heaven who knows) and so I went and found them in the middle of a sermon and told them afterwards and they thanked me because their church split and was about to quit being ministers because of it and how hard it has been on them but I guess God had something huge for them to do...I woke up...dont know what else or I forgot The dreams I've been getting lately arent anything less than having demons, Jesus, angels or this time Moses in them...really odd.

Post by talitha »

I've been considering your recently submitted dream for a while - can't get it out of my head - I agree that it's prophetic and possibly has to do with your calling, as (I think) does this one.

Tonight in my home group we were talking about mysteries, and the ability to be comfortable with something being a mystery. I think it's necessary, to a point, in order to be led by the Holy Spirit - which I believe you are.

In fact, as I'm typing this, I feel that the Lord is showing me that you doubt sometimes that you are being led by Him, because you do not feel really "sure". Just as courage is "doing it scared", faith is "doing it blind" - how can you do it blind? because you know Whom you have believed! You are a woman of faith, praise the Lord!

On this dream - when I think of Moses, I always remember that he was the most humble man on earth - and yet he was a leader of hundreds of thousands of people. In order to accomplish what you are supposed to accomplish in your life, you need a great humility.

I'd like you to read the first chapter of Jeremiah - I believe the Lord will speak to you in several verses in there......

Please remember though that I am only offering you what I believe I'm hearing from the Lord, and I am fallible, so as always do judge any words according to the Holy Spirit within you.