New Dream: attacked for treasure?

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New Dream: attacked for treasure?

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In this dream I am walking down the street. my friend, Nan is being attacked; a couple of women are stealing her gold necklace. I shout -- can I help you? :She is crying and shakes her head, "no".

Then I go after the theif. However, she sees my necklace and begins to threaten me to take it off. I defend myself only enough to keep her away from the necklace but we have a grip on each other.

So I drag her to a rooming house courtyard where some friends live, in partucular two couples....and cry out for help. No one responds, though lights in both rooms turn on. Then, i realize they don't understandEnglish so I cry out for help in Thai...and I see in both rooms that there is movement -- Room #1 is Em and Banjong. Em is a believer. Banjong we are pleading for his heart to belong to Jesus.

But they don't open the door.

Next room is movement, but that door opens, and out comes Noy and his wife, Bau, with a blanket as if to sleep out in the courtyard where I am standing.

They set up and then motion for me to come over, and I do -- i am not sure but perhaps the theif got my necklace...and Noy instantly pops up and I lie in his place with Bau...and he quickly disarms and makes the thief disappear.

He then comes over waiting for me to quiet down, as I am heaving in and out breaths--then at last he reaches for Bau, who is on the other side of me.

Then, Bau is up with a group who are having a celebration. I get up to go home, and thank her because it is by her instigation that Noy came out to rescue me. (she opened the door first). And because they were truly a team in the rescue and Noy is a man, better to thank the woman.

As I thank her she is literally shining, eyes are blazing with fire. She welcomes my thanks.

As I pondered this dream I thought, "is the look of her because she is involved in magic? (again?)"

But later -- and when I ran into her this was confirmed, I thought, "no her look was not evil, it was joyful..."

As I write this dream I sense it was extremely prophetic....HELP ME interpret please.


Bangkok, Thailand

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i had an interpertation from a (not yet Christian) Thai. Though this is to be taken with great caution, since i am in Thailand i think it is worthy of consideration....

Since i lost something of value in the dream I will have great joy.
The person/people who helped me are loyal friends who indeed do watch out for me. And the fact that the one woman in the dream was the main helper, and we prior have not been such good friends, actually she considered me an enemy; it means that we will be true friends.
So it was a 'good' dream.

I see it in a redemptive context-- but want to let it settle another day before making any more suggestions..hope someone else will comment. Blessings to all...

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still looking for someone to have a sense...

1. Nan-- someone who has repeatedly turned down Christ. Is it time to move on from her?

2. Em and Banjong-- is there movement and a light on?

3. Bau-- what is being celebrated?

4. Noy-- what was saved? I lost my necklace.

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Last Friday I was walking down our street and actually very near where most of the dream takes place I had my purse snatched in a drive by attack. It was a motorcycle...and I believe the person who actually got the purse was a woman.

Though I didn't loose much I did loose my cell phone which I couldn't afford to purchase again, and so sold some gold. So in the end, I got back everything that was stolen; only I have less gold now, but I have what I need!

Now any ideas?

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wow that is cool about the dream coming to pass, although a hard way to see it unfortunately. Sorry about your purse and cell phone being stolen. Sounds like you can use this story of restoration as a testimony to other non-Christians around you. God Bless you in Thailand!

in Christ,
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on a side note

Fire in the eyes of Jesus is the love for his people
I just had to share cause when I saw the fire in eyes thing it makes me think of the Love he has for people

Be blessed for" here I am send me" and going
And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.Isaiah 6:7

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okay we are some time 'down the road' and so much has happened;
but I think I "see" the dream still unfolding....and though I asked the Lord recently if I can stop praying for Bau, He clearly said, "NO".
can I pray for her to be OUT of Noy's life? Again the answer, "NO".

I have had a bad time recently b/c she borrowed money from me (equivilent of about $100 USD) and when time to pay back she was not to be found...and though she asked me to keep it secret from Noy, i felt i had no other recourse and did speak to him about it. She was so angry she threatened me..."IF you ever contact him again, I will hurt you, and no need to contact me again either"

and there is evidence that the only witness of the threat, our guard, has now been spelled/charmed...

Yes, I live on the edge...but I am kept by Christ.