Chocolate cake

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Chocolate cake

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I'm in a cafeteria and I'm waiting to bring a piece of cake to someone. Instead I'm handed the whole cake. It was a huge chocolate cake. It was heavy as I was trying to balance it on my hand like a waitress. I remember feeling like I was going to drop it but, thankfully I didn't.

I'm thinking that God is going to give me a desirable ministry but, it's going to be a lot to carry. Any other thoughts?

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Re: Chocolate cake

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Hi Cory

When I read this I thought it could mean that you have more to give than you think. That the weight/ authority of the revelation you have been given from the Lord is more than you might expect.

Chocolate cake is sweetness, can bring pleasure. Like the honey in the Bible.

Anything you have to give comes from Him, as He is the source, and He is abundant with generosity, love and joy.

Chocolate is a comfort, a lover's gift and a treat. It's here because He gave it!

He is our Comforter, our First Love and He takes great pleasure in giving us good things.

God of the Too Much as I think John Arnott said.

Shalom, rarara