purple and skin again

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purple and skin again

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saw Matt and Jason ...we were setting up new house ...it was only living room kitchen and basement ...the kitchen was bathroom and bedroom ...left meat out ...put it away before it spoiled ...Matt was making bed putting clothes away and taking a bath ...he said I could use bath stuff that you put in tub for soaking in called "astris" that was purple dye that turned bathtub purple ...I said oh yeah I heard of that it is also incense ...then I touched it with my finger ...then trying to reach my pillow on top of shelves it was purple and white stripes ...Matt turned into Jeff and was being mean ...I said my Dad is going to send me to school in Hawaii and he gave $2500 credit for clothes and when I am doing good I am not going to treat you like your treating me ...we put everything in its place ...I said wow it took three months just to put clothes away

heard "scaphoid" and "Cinderella" and "mediocrity"

heard "Spoonman" from band Soundgarden ...on the part of lyrics that says... "all my friends are Indians" and "all my friends are brown and red"

btw, I have had 4 dreams about purple dye now ...I keep thinking "seller of purple" which was a clothing dye in scripture ...dye is always connected with skin ...thinking clothes cover the skin and skin covers the body ...intesting