blocked by beds

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blocked by beds

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saw my mom ...she had a whole bunch of crackers ...I did no eat though ...I was trying to finish school had to get back there ...I was driving a bed, steering it by pushing it to one side or the other and leaning was covered with curtains ...then all the sudden woman was in my bed ...we pulled over at theater ...she wanted me but I did not want her ...saw Toto dog that was in cinderblock pool that seemed able to stay underwater for a long time I saw it just walking around on bottom just like it was in air ...she was familiar with this place and caretaker came and was cleaning up outside ...he cut grass with weed eater until it was so short it was like patches of completely bare but like in a pattern that was spotty ...then my way out was blocked by beds and saw this room and all these beds ...she was trying to introduce me to these people that were ignoring me and I did not want to meet at this theater
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Re: blocked by beds

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A few thoughts.

Could it be that there is something you want to do in your life (finish school) that is being held back by the familiar/ the comfortable, (Mom) or relationships (all these beds)?

The bed you are driving could be the thing you are trying to do and you need peace/ down time to do it without the wrong people interfering? Like the phrase 'getting into bed with someone', like a merger of 2 ideas.

Maybe it is a hidden or a private thing (the curtains).

You’ve had 2 different animals in your dreams lately both out of their element, out of their natural environment yet able to function;
The fish that came out of the tank and now Toto.

Toto means in total, in entirety. Do you sometimes feel like you are totally out of your element?

A cinderblock pool is a “do-it-yourself” pool.

The grass cutting speaks to me of strictness and control or something constrained. Like something that wants to stop growth and there is a pattern to it.

Personally I don’t like it when people cut the lawn with a weed eater. It’s kind of vicious.

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