Praying for My Mother!

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Praying for My Mother!

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Hi All! :D

I had this dream last night.

I was sitting in a room with a few family members and other people I don't know. We were talking about our life and the things we went through. I stood up and walked over to a shelving unit with pretty vases and art work on it. As I was standing there looking at the art work, I saw a vision of a red bird in a cage. I then heard, they need to be set free. I turned around to the people in the room and said, someone in here feels like a bird locked in a cage but God wants to set you free today-Deliverance has come to this place. The scene changes.

I'm now standing in this unfinished large auditorium like room. There is a lot of light in this place, the walls are white and the floors are concrete because it's not finished. I was standing before a small group of people still saying that someone in here God wants to set free, to please come forth. I was proclaiming the word of God but was draw to another area. I started to walk away from the small crowd and through this door where there were rooms. I walked down the hallway and I saw my mother in this small area like a prison cell but it had no doors on it holding her in it. When I saw her I never addressed her directly I just repeated what God had said. A shawl like garment appeared in my hands and I placed it over my shoulders and walked back to the other room.

My Mother followed me and when I turned around she was in white garments and I began to pray for her. I placed my hands on her head and her belly. I knew it was my Mother that God was talking about when she came forth. A man came forth that was my Husband but he did not look like my Husband IRL. I started praying over him and he then turned and ran a few feet. But when he came back in front of me his clothes had changed and he began to praise and worship God.

I woke up speaking in tongues and praying for my Husband!

Thanks in advance!