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church PA

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in church I went to rest room and was told about the PA and they asked could I help tune it in ...high and low pass filters were not being properly used ...and the gain staging wrong ... I fixed crossover issues in front of house too ...I was given $225 by couple ...I wept and said thank you and hugged them ...I went down front and got on face ...then afterward they said (in a song) those who were on face to go wash in special basin of water because our hands were on the ground ...woman said that is religious ...I said lets just do it and not worry about, it even though it did send up red flag in my spirit ...I was just tired of fighting the religious system and just wanted God's corporate presence manifestation ...been awhile IRL I was just gonna over look any dumb stuff ...woman went out to car and waited for me started going around pews in circle skipping ...I was in front and they seem to be wanting me to join them ...but that seemed like jogging to me, and knew I would get worn out and sweaty hands were raised and eyes closed ...they were slapping me hard on my elbow as they passed me annoyed me, but I ignored it was as if it was another unspoken custom I was breaking by not skipping around ...I just wanted God and to not have to jump through men's hoops, so I stood my ground I could actually feel a spirit of control trying to get me to worship its way was coming from elders in church it was literally trying to move my body by force ...I fought it off and they did not like that

next time I came back female worship leader was not happy I changed sound, even though every one else loved it, and thought is sounded really good ...thought that is to be expected, there is always one critic ...she told me to change it back I went back and looked at it, and thought it is too close to worship time, to really be messing around with it right now ...then music was going when I got back so I did have to talk to her
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Re: church PA

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Hi Spiritledd,

I don’t regard this as an interp but these are some thoughts that came to me.

So you are in the restroom, a place of purification and cleanliness. And in light of the Truth that Jesus has made us clean through His once and for all sacrifice, the rest room here could be a picture of your life as He sees it which is Clean and Pure. It is the place you are in. John 15 verse 3.

It is also the place of freshening up so could mean he is placing you in a place of being refreshed. Like He is continually renewing us in a mysterious way because we have His DNA at work in us. A rest room is private too and could be like the secret place, it's just you and Him. An audience of one.

He values your gifting and talent. The couple may represent the image of God. The complete picture of who He is.

And other people will value it too. The blessing of provision for you. Those who have eyes and ears for it.

Your response is one of humility.

The middle bit of your dream sounds all too much like real life!; there often is a pressure felt to conform and I don’t know how to deal with that very well myself in Church, only to say that God really does want us to be free.

The woman may represent the true Church or the Bride who is attentive to what the Spirit is saying.

The worship leader not being happy with your work could show that you have a different sound to make which may cross that which is already in place and it may in fact flush out "competition among the brothers" which is something Jesus has no time for.

There may come a time when you will just have to stand and make your sound, it will mean you becoming vulnerable to rejection, but God will honour your courage.

If His sound is heard then there is a real connection made and only good stuff has got to happen then.

In one of Tommy Tenney’s books The God Chasers he talks about the fact that people will put up with a lot of deadness if they know they can get at least 5 mins of feeling Him close in a service. This I can relate to.

The filters may be a significant symbol too. May be to do with how God is speaking and communicating with His people and that the filters are wrong, they need to be changed because He changes the frequency sometimes. The new thing that He wants to do cannot be received in the old way or expressed in the old way. He is always creating.

Hope some of this makes sense!