mom, antichrist

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mom, antichrist

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Hi, Hope all are well today. have not been writing my dreams lately, should but not. this one this morning was one I thought would be a cool one to put in.
the dream starts with me walking in a house and then into a room. I walk to the foot of a bed and in it is my mom. we begin to have a discussion about religion good, bad, yes, no, real, unreal and with her expressing doubts while I encourage to believe. There is someone behind me, not sure who it is but encouraging. At one point I get this incredible inner strength and tell her that all will be well because before I died the antichrist will come. after this statement the room brightens and fades.

this last week I have had other dreams one which was a warning that we are very close to war. with troops jumping out of planes and guns shooting and troubles everywhere....

well that is all, see ya later, and be Blessed in Jesus. Scott
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