Warning Dream Call to Intercession against Attack (dream kind of long)

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Warning Dream Call to Intercession against Attack (dream kind of long)

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The dream started with me in the bed with a female (not sure who she was). There was a baby in the bed with us, I remember rolling to the side and the baby was under me. As I rolled over I thought that I could of smothered the bady. The next thing I remember was being outside and looking in the sky and seeing planes and other space crafts flying. I also remember seeing huge army type ships as well. My thought was an attack was about to take place.

The next thing that happed was a couple planes were shot down (at least one landing in water) and missles were being shot hitting different land locations. As the attach was going on a steal like shield was being build around us which protected us. Nothing could get in. For some reason my brother who's deceased IRL would open a small part of the barrier and pull in a couple small creatures trying to save them. I told him don't do it because I knew it would give the enemy a way in.

I looked up and there was a huge cloud kind of dark, but as it cleared up I saw a HUGE ship (had to be miles long and wide) and everyone knew it was our help. Some of you may remember when you were small we had lego's and we build all types of battle ships. It was like that but in the sky.

The scene changes and I'm looking for my to daughters (I have 2 teenage daughters IRL). I found the my oldest daughter with some other kids, I asked her were is Sarah (my other daughter) but she didn't know so we started looking for her and we found her in a bed under the covers hinding.

The scene changes again and I'm kind of on this roof or steeple looking down and they're terrist everywhere dressed in blue and black with machete’s and assault weapons. They were taking everyone hostage and planning to kill them.

I believe that this could be a call to proactively pray against attacks asking not only for the sheild of protection, but to bind the enemy where their plans will be of no effect. I see a lot more in the dream but wanted to share this to get other spiritual perspectives. To make a long story short, I do believe this is a battle that is strategically faught in the spirit realm which will affect how things go in the natural realm.

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Re: Warning Dream Call to Intercession against Attack (dream kind of long)

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Amen. Praying God's protection & that He would lead & guide authorities to catch people planning terrorist acts before they carry the out.

Praying God will frustrate their plans, so that even if authorities are not aware, somewhere, somehow they would be stopped.
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Re: Warning Dream Call to Intercession against Attack (dream kind of long)

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I will pray for God's protection too. Psalm 91 to cover the land and to frustrate the plans of the enemy.
If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you can ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. (John 15:7)

Thank you Lord for working things out for me!