Resort, drink, human dog and blond woman

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Resort, drink, human dog and blond woman

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My son Jericho's dream last night

Dream, Jan 12, 2015, 6:27am

Definetely one of the most long and intense dreams I have ever had.

I had a dream I was at this island resort. Very small island but lots of mountains on it. We were just getting off a cruise of some sort. We went into this huge dome like structure. I believe it was the hotel lobby. Everybody was waiting I believe to get into their rooms. The servants were serving this type of drink on this cart and everyone was trying it. I don't remember if I did or not but when people drank the juice. They became I believe addicted to it and wanted more.

The specialty of this island was the hot springs throughout it. Ja and I were in this hottub with this drink. This hottub was in the side of this mountain. The hot springs were coming I believe from a under ground volcano. Ja and saw in the side of the mountain that there were little holes that You could climb into. We decided to see where they went which I believe the led to some underground hot springs. Ja and kept coming to forks in the small caves so We had to choose one way or the other. Eventually We came to one that had 3 paths. I looked around to see the way We came in. When I looked back around, Ja was gone. I went down one of the tunnels, looking for Him and came to a part of the island I didn't recognize. It was like the slums of the island. People were very poor. Living in old abandoned places. Unlike the rich island everyone thought it was. I was walking through this place. People sleeping on the floors. Suddenly a lady saw Me and sent one of their almost a dog-like person after Me. I went through the building which was ingraved in one of the mountains. It was very dark outside. The dog-like person chased through some of the buildings tunnels and stuff. Until eventuallu I hid under the floor boards. I laid out some food. So the dog- like person would get distracted. The dog-like person stuck its head into the floorboards and I saw who it was. It was Ezra looked around a little bit but didn't see Me. He grabbed the food and left.

I was later with My girlfriend. Blonde, very beautiful girl. I was in the form of Jeff from My work. I was Me but I looked like Jeff. My girlfriend and I had a trailer on this island. Somehow there was a future Me and a present Me. I was the present Me. When My girlfriend and I went into the trailer. She was upset with the future Me and would'nt let Him in. She locked Him out. her and I laid down together. She was blocking Me out as well. I was trying to talk to Her. She was'nt letting Me in. So I decided to take actiom and laid right on top of Her and see if She would talk to Me. She struggled a bit but eventually let Me know what was bothering Her. The other Me was still outside. She said that she didn't want to be with the Me outside bevause He was no longer getting any money and was unsure of Me because the one outside was future Me. I tried reasoning with Her but She was to set in Her ways. I tried kissing her and I remember thinking. Wow! My first kiss which it woukd be if it was real life but in the dream I was already with Her for some time. I eventually tried holding her and I squeezed. Suddenly I got flashes of the future in My head in newspaper format. Saying How She had been murdered. Suddenly the flashes stopped and I stopped squeezing her unfortunately before I noticed I squeezed her to hard and She wasn't moving. I didn't feel like I had squeezed her that hard though. She had a little blood coming out of her nose. She was dead. I remember feeling like this wasn't Me though. Like I was living inside someone elses life. That was the end of the dream.

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