prayed over bill clinton

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prayed over bill clinton

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i was in a classroom, high school i suppose, and some kid had brought hand-held toy motorcycles, dirtbikes

i began to play with some then i heard another kid make some kind of comment that sounded mean and disrespectful so i attacked him, he ended up dead

he MAY have not even been talking to me, as the classroom was already rowdy by that point

the kid i murdered was named 'Michael'

it was like i hit him in the back of the head with a rock

some teachers must have seen me because one lady pulled me aside as class let out and she told me she knew, she got on to me, warned me

i was afraid of being found out and arrested the whole dream, it was such a weight

worst was the fact that this 'Michael' obviously had a dad that loved him and all throughout the dream i tried to not think about how his parents felt

the dream changed me now being at the police station, still the same dream but in this location, the police still had not find out who killed Michael

apparently Bill Clinton was there and so was my mom

as me and my mom were leaving, she asked Bill about something i forgot but Bill cracked some "joke" about being related to SATANISM, how he himself had been there/participated in it

i knew it was NOT a joke though so i stopped in the middle of walking out and just spoke stern words to Bill Clinton

i actually poured life giving words into him, just aggressively, saying stuff like "You are not a Satanist", telling him about Jesus and Jesus' authority

Mr. Clinton was in a Trance

the dream continued a little more with my fear of getting arrested and throw in prison then i finally woke up

i tried to tell myself it was only a dream as i was dreaming it but with no luck

i thought my fate was sealed
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Re: prayed over bill clinton

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Everyone has a calling or a God-given intention for their life. It's what's written in the books of Heaven talked about quite a few times in the Bible. That's what our life potential is and what we'll be judged against, eternally, if we're believers.

It's like, because you refuse to properly deal with issues in your life, your calling has gone awry, and in murderous anger, you kill those you judge as not being appropriate, even though, often you yourself are inappropriate. In the dream you kill Michael whose name means "WHO IS LIKE GOD". You kill God's own children. With a rock. Christ is the Rock. You kill them with religion though, because Christ the true rock is the one whom we should stand. He should undergird us, not be used to beat people over the head.

Your calling is evidenced in what you're saying to Bill Clinton, but the way you deliver it hasn't been developed yet. This is a dream showing you your potential and where you are currently at. Only you can make the decision as to whether you fulfil your potential.