Husband Received Paycheck

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Husband Received Paycheck

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Hello Everyone:

Here's a recent dream I had, any thoughts or interpretation would be appreciated.

I dreamed me and my husband were sitting at a table, didn't see who we were talking to (but I knew it was a man) and the person presented a check in the amount of $8,536 or $8,596, I know the 85 is right, but I don't recall the last two digits, it's either 36 or 96 if it matters.

There was a discussion, but I didn't hear what was being said, but I asked the person if this paycheck is per month or per pay period, and he said per pay period. I told the person that I will stay on my job and the pay check can go to my husband, so the man gave the check to my husband.

That's the dream!

God bless and Happy Holidays to everyone!